What's Your Word for 2022?

Recently, I noticed a few of my colleagues post about the word that's going to define them in the year ahead. As I thought about what my word was going to be, I realized that for some strange reason, the only word that came to mind was this one:


I really want the year ahead to be a defining one in my life but in light of the last two years, I've realized the notion of planning in the New Year amidst a wave of uncertainty is pretty much a waste of time and energy. I can still remember the twists and turns that 2020 and 2021 brought to my family. From my kids experiencing virtual school and online graduations, to loved ones getting ill and eventually passing on, the last two years have been anything but joyful. My family found ourselves continually switching gears from Plan A, to Plan B to Plan C and so on. We didn't plan for things like a pandemic, an economic downturn, or a funeral, but we had to deal with it and continue moving forward.


I attempted to launch an artisanal marshmallow business in 2020 and when the pandemic hit, my sweet dreams went belly up and I decided to become a health coach instead after losing 35 pounds and helping dozens of friends and family do the same.

We dared to take a summer vacation to Northern California in 2021 and had to evacuate when we found ourselves in the middle of the Caldor wildfires in Lake Tahoe.

Over the last two years, there were times I felt content and other times, completely restless. I was bored and I was busy. I was happy and I was profoundly sad.

On a more reflective note, I realized why I should never give up my day job as a publicist. I have grown so much in my career but am still learning every day and that's what excites me about my profession. I am also incredibly fortunate to be able choose the projects I work on and partner with clients who empower and inspire me to flex my creative muscles.

2020 and 2021 tested me emotionally and physically and I have a sinking feeling this rollercoaster ride we're all on is not going to be over in in the New Year.

2022 promises to be a year of uncertainty...

  • Will my son's sophomore year of college be derailed yet again by the spread of Covid?

  • Will my daughter finally land a full time job in her chosen profession and leave our nest for good?

  • Will I experience true career fulfillment?

  • Will my mom who is slowly losing her battle against Alzheimer disease forget who I am?

  • Will we get to take a summer trip that doesn't include a natural disaster or pandemic?

  • Will we all get out of this funk that we're in and start truly living our best lives?

So while everyone else creates vision boards, and uses words like Resilient, Fearless and Hopeful to describe the year ahead, I'm going to stick with my word for now.

It may be buzzkill but I'd rather be uncertain than disappointed.

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